Submission Guideline


Introduction (About 10% of the total number of words throughout the writing):

This section contains sections with the following structure:

  1. Description of relevant background and leads to the main issue or major topic that will be discussed in the paper.
  2. Description of the literature (literature review) 1 brief (maximum of 10 references) that already exist on the same topic and show what the difference (state of the art) with the writing to be made.
  3. The main questions over the issue to be discussed and the solution sought. (research question).
  4. If the writing is an empirical study using a particular method, then it can be explained how the method is applied.
  5. The main conclusions / main arguments as answers to the main questions above.
  6. Supporting arguments (1, 2, 3, 4) on the main conclusions that will be part of the discussion of the body text - OR The outline of the article section (article outline)


Discussion 1: Contains discussion of supporting arguments 1

Discussion 2: Contains discussion of supporting arguments 2

Discussion 3: Contains discussion of supporting arguments 3

Discussion 4: Contains discussion of supporting arguments 4 (if any)

Conclusions or Conclusions (consistent) About 5%

  • No numbering or bulleting.
  • Answering objectives and commenting on findings.
  • Recommendations and / or implications.
  • There are no new references and comments.

Optional: Additional section

  • Funding
  • Conflict of interest
  • Authors' contributions
  • Acknowledgment of assistance (acknowledgment)

Location after the conclusion and before the bibliography

Other information:

  1. Do not use the first pronoun (me, you, us, the writer, us) replaced with "this article" or "this paper".
  2. In the discussion section, the writer must focus more on the analysis and thinking of the writer on the data and facts.
  3. Data or rules are not only moved but more analyzed.
  4. Reference to tables or figures, using numbering. (data shown in table 1 or figure 1). Table title is written on the table; The title of the image is written below the image.
  5. Does not need a bibliography, with a note: references are included in the journal metadata.
  6. Length of writing does not include bibliography.
  7. Writing length is 5000 words, NOT pages.
  8. Spacing: Before and After: 0
  9. Line Spacing: 1.5 lines
  10. A minimum of 15 references with a composition of books 40% and journal articles 60%.
  11. If there is discussion or reference of legal products such as court decisions, regulations, then it is included in the primary source.
  12. References Style: Vancouver
  13. Font: Calibri
  14. Font size: 11