Submission Guideline

Since the 2017 issue, significant changes have been made by expanding the articles in the form of conceptual articles and research article with the following conditions:

1. Conceptual Article 

The contents in a conceptual framework are poured into a systematic writing that is essentially a discussion of writing on the subject matter. The elements that must be met in writing the conceptual article are: (1).Title, (2).Author's name, (3).Abstract and keywords, (4).Introduction, (5).Analysis and discussion, (6).Conclusion, (7).Bibliography

2. Research Articles 

The elements of article writing research results are: (1).Title, (2).Author's name, (3).Abstract  and keywords, (4).Introduction, (5).Research Methods, (6).Result of research, (7).Discussion, (8).Conclusions and suggestions, (9).Bibliography.

3. Paper Format

Paper should have the following requirements:
       1. Number of Articles of Conceptual Articles 15-20 pages, Research Articles 20 - 25 pages (not including bibliography);
      2. Use 1.5 line spacing;
      3. Font Times New Roman 12;
      4. The loading of tables and graphs should be accompanied by source and numbering; 
      5. The use of more than 10 (ten) different literature.
      6. Bodynote excerpt technique using a customized American Psychological Association 6th editon (APA) Style format.
      7. Authors are strongly advised to use a reference application such as Mendeley to uniform citation format

4. Submission of Posts

1) Posts submitted through the system Open Journal System is available by registering and follow the steps that exist
2) Every article submitted, please include the author's clear address (institution, e-mail, and call number).

For instructions on article formats, citations, and bibliography, please download the following documents: UIRLRev Submission Guideline