Author Guidelines

Al-Hikmah: Jurnal Agama dan Ilmu Pengetahuan



A. General Rules

  1. Manuscripts or articles which published in Al-Hikmah: Jurnal Agama dan Ilmu Pengetahuan (JAIP) includes general studies, Social Science and Humanities, integration of Islam and Science, research results and non-research (such as library research, theoretical and literature review) which suggest to integration analysis between religion, Islamic, and Social Science issues, such as Educational Behavior, can be either Economic and Organization Behavior according to Journal's Focus and Scope.
  2. Articles which submitted to Al-Hikmah: JAIP have not been published in another journals or submitted to other journals.
  3. The manuscripts from thesis or dissertation should included a recommendation letter from supervisor lecturer (promotor) as declare statement that the manuscripts deserves sent to Al-Hikmah: JAIP. The manuscripts will be review by Mitra Bebestari (reviewers) anonymously, and given an acceptable / decent decision, denied / decline, or received with a revision.
  4. The author should revise the manuscript based on feedback (double blind peer review results) from Mitra Bebestari (reviewers) within the time limit from the Editorial Team.
  5. The Editorial Board/Team shall have the right to improve the content and the script of the manuscripts without altering the substance of the contents.
  6. The references, quoting, or referral source in manuscripts, should preferred from published literatures in the last 5-10 years. References should preferred from primary sources of national and international books and journals.
  7. Anything involving licensing, quoting or using computer software for the production of a manuscript from writers; authors, as well as the legal consequences, the authors takes for any legal consequences for these condition.

B. Journal Template

Please check Al-Hikmah: JAIP Indonesian journal template to make a submission or Journal Template in English, and Arabic Journal Template.

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