Children's Care Patterns in Educational Context; Role of Government and Parents

  • Dicki Hartanto
  • Sri yuliani


This study would like to reveal the magnitude of the role of parents, especially
mothers in educating children and this should be one of the important considerations
in fostering a bright future family. But what happens is just the opposite, where with
the growing number of children, the easier it is for parents to hand over their
education and care to other parties or people, including formal education institutions.
This study uses qualitative methods through related literature review. The results of
this study revealed the importance of the government playing a role in education
through special attention to the existence of formal and non-formal education
institutions. In addition, government care is also important in improving the quality of
education for mothers as informal education providers for children. Though as a
mother who has a big role in parenting and children's education plays a very
important role so that the influence of the planting of children's intelligence should be
realized by the mother. In order to be able to compete with other countries in the
future, then a great attention to efforts to empower children needs to be improved.
The government through institutions such as the Minister of National Education, the
Minister of Women Empowerment, Minister of Health, BKKBN and others can
become pioneers through related policies. Of course the Government must strive so
that the interest is accompanied by providing sufficient knowledge to the mothers. The
role of parents in the context of education also needs to be realized and improved in
the future.
Kata kunci: Childcare, Education, Government Role


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