About the Journal

Perspektif Pendidikan dan Keguruan is published by the Faculty of Education Universitas Islam Riau (UIR), as a vehicle of scientific information, Science Education, Teaching in the form of research and literature review, opinions, technical papers, short communications, and reviews of books. ACCREDITED by Ministry of Research, Technology, and Higher Education of the Republic of Indonesia, No.21/E/KPT/2018, July 9, 2018. Published two times in a year on April and October. Perspective receives 10 articles per issue. This journal publishes articles in the field of Education, including teaching and learning, curriculum development, learning environment, teacher education, educational technology, educational development, from various types of research such as surveys, research and development, experimental research, classroom action research, etc.This journal has been indexed in Sinta (S4), GARUDA, BASE, and Google Scholar.



Script Submission
The manuscript was sent to the editorial address: Education and Teaching Perspectives FKIP Riau Islamic University Jl. Kaharuddin Nasution No. 113 Perhentian Marpoyan Pekanbaru-Riau, Indonesia Tel. (0761) 674-775. Email: perspektif@journal.uir.ac.id. Manuscripts should be sent in the form of a printed manuscript. Script files delivered on CD or flash disk can also be via e-mail, following approval for publication.

Paper manuscript
The first page of the manuscript must contain: (1) title, (2) full names of the authors, (3) Full address, (4) Room to the filing date, (5) two to six keywords, (6) The name, address, number fax or e-mail address for correspondence approval.

Manuscript Research
Script structure research results are as follows: Title (accompanied by an English translation of the article in Bahasa Indonesia and Malaysia or vice versa for a script in English; Abstract (English for manuscript Indonesia and Malaysia versa; Introduction; Methods; results and discussion; conclusions and Recommendations (optional): Acknowledgments (optional); Bibliography: Attachment (optional).

Other manuscripts
The format of the above could be modified for other types of text.

The illustrations are images, diagrams, tables or photographs that are part of the script laid out in the script. Illustrations are not included in the file on diskette must be included in good quality.

Writing literature referred to in the text is the name (s) and the year of the family. If more than two authors, use the first author's name followed by 'et al'. The complete list of literature referred arranged alphabetically, typed single-spaced, with the manner of writing such as the following examples:
Slavin, R.E. 1994. Educational Psychology Theory and Practice. Boston: Allin and Bacon.
DePorter. B, and Hernacki, M. 2002. Quantum Learning. Familiarize Learning Comfortable and Enjoyable. Bandung: Publisher Kaifa.

Sample print and edited manuscript will be sent to the authors for correction and approval. Approval must be received no later than two weeks after receipt. The author, if it gives final corrections on the script for approval, please give clear signs.