Kontribusi Kelincahan Terhadap Kemampuan Dribbling Bolabasket Atlet SMA Negeri 1 Lebong Utara

  • Feby Elra Perdima Universitas Dehasen Bengkulu


Based on the observations of study on the implementation of activities at the basketball club SMA Negeri 1, that of Dribbling ability basketball athlete are less good, thus causing the lack of achievement obtained. This problem is thought to be caused by several factors, including the low level of agility of players. This study aims to determine the agility contribution to the Dribbling ability Basketball of Athletes SMA Negeri 1North Lebong

This research method is correlation method. The population of this study all players basketball club SMA Negeri 1 as many as 23 male and 3 female, while the sample taken by purposive sampling, where it is a sampling technique based on certain provisions, that is why in this study the whiter only take samples from Basketball athlete male. This is based on the consideration of the difference in physical ability between athlete male and female athlete. So that the sample obtained with total of 23 men athlete. The place of study is in the field of basketball of SMA Negeri 1 North Lebong, while the time of the study is July 2011. Data agility is taken with Zigzag Run test, and data Dribbling capability is taken by Dribbling test. Data analysis technique of this study use technique with simple correlation analysis and correlation double.

The results of data analysis showed that: There is a significant contribution between agility with the Dribbling ability of Basketball athletes SMA Negeri 1, with the value r = 0.480 obtained r2 = 0.230, then the contribution is 23%

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