About the Journal

Aims and scope

The Corporate Social Responsibility Review (CSRRev) is a distinguished academic journal that concentrates on the legal aspects of implementing Corporate Social Responsibility laws. This journal was established in 2023 by the Department of Business Law at the Faculty of Law, Universitas Islam Riau, to address the need for legal journals that focus on Corporate Social Responsibility. The journal publishes five articles per issue and is released twice a year, in June and December. The journal's primary goal is to foster global cooperation by providing a platform for presenting diverse perspectives on sustainability challenges. The Corporate Social Responsibility Review aims to create a broad, trans-disciplinary, and intercultural dialogue on the role of business law in society while also developing sound academic concepts and empirical data that can generate value for business law and society. Additionally, the journal strives to be the leading forum for the latest management thinkers by providing articles that have not yet been published and have been approved by an international scientific community.

Benefits of publishing with CSRRev

High visibility

The open access policy implemented by The Corporate Social Responsibility Review provides unrestricted access to published articles, allowing for their dissemination throughout the world. This approach guarantees that the research findings and insights presented within the journal are available to a diverse and extensive readership.

Speed of publication

The Corporate Social Responsibility Review has a fast publication schedule, but still adheres to rigorous peer review standards. Online submission is required for article submissions, and the entire peer review process is electronically managed. Accepted articles are published with their final citation and are available in both web and PDF formats on The Corporate Social Responsibility Review website.


By submitting your work to The Corporate Social Responsibility Review, you can leverage the benefits of incorporating large datasets, visually rich graphics, and interactive multimedia content. This allows readers to analyze the information independently using various software applications. Furthermore, you can seamlessly integrate relevant links to enhance the reader's experience.


The copyright of articles published in The Corporate Social Responsibility Review is owned by their respective authors. The authors have the liberty to reproduce and disseminate their articles as they deem appropriate. For more information on this subject, please consult the copyright and license agreement.

Open access

The Corporate Social Responsibility Review provides free, immediate online access to all published articles without any registration or subscription fees. As an author of an article published in this review, you retain the copyright to your work and have granted permission to third parties to reproduce, use, or disseminate your article in advance and perpetuity.

Article-processing charges

As an open-access journal, The Corporate Social Responsibility Review incurs certain costs for publishing articles. In order to cover these expenses, we require a fee of USD 23,- for each approved article. Please note that any applicable local taxes will also be added to the total cost. We appreciate your understanding and support in helping us maintain the high quality of our publication.

Peer-review policy 

The process of peer review is a crucial step in assessing the quality of a manuscript before it gets published. In this process, independent researchers who are experts in the relevant research area evaluate the submitted manuscript for originality, validity, and significance. Their evaluations assist the editors in deciding whether the manuscript is fit for publication in the journal.

At the Corporate Social Responsibility Review, we follow a double-masked peer-review system. In this system, the reviewers are provided with anonymous manuscripts. They do not know the names or affiliations of the authors, and the reviewer reports provided to the authors are also anonymous.

Upon submission, each manuscript is generally reviewed by two to three experts who evaluate its scientific soundness, coherence, originality, and potential for publication. The reviewers also provide a rating for the research's level of interest and significance. The Editors use these reports to decide whether the manuscript is suitable for publication, and when necessary, they consult with the Editorial Board members.

In summary, our peer-review system ensures that the submitted manuscripts undergo rigorous and impartial evaluation to maintain high standards of quality and originality in our journal.

Editorial Policies 

All manuscripts submitted to The Corporate Social Responsibility Review are expected to adhere to the journal's editorial policies. Once your manuscript has been accepted, it will be processed by our production team and published in due course. In some instances, articles may be held briefly before publication. If you have any specific concerns or requirements, please do not hesitate to contact the journal for more help. It is important to note that The Corporate Social Responsibility Review remains impartial concerning jurisdictional claims in published maps and institutional affiliations.