• Rizal Nainggolan
  • Hendry Andry
Keywords: Evaluation, Implementation, Work Discipline


Human resource is one company that has a value of initiative and have a role as well in the
use of other resources that exist within the company. The concern is how the company's
enterprise utilizing human resources in order to work effectively and efficiently in
achieving corporate goals. Discipline as a dynamic condition in which individuals are
faced with opportunities, constraints and desires and the results obtained are very
important but it can not be ascertained. And one of the problems the company is applying
the rules to improve the discipline of employees that affect the employee's job performance.
According to Sutrisno Discipline is respect for the rules and regulations of the company,
which is inside of employees, which causes it to be able to adjust to the provisions of the
company voluntarily. The formulation of this problem is how the discipline of employee
work in the field of PT. Bangaumas Perkasa Siak Sri Indrapura. The purpose of this study
was to determine and explain the discipline of employees at PT. Bangaumas Perkasa Siak
Sri Indrapura and knowing the obstacles in enforcing discipline in the company working on
the PT. Bangaumas Perkasa Siak Sri Indrapura. This type of research is quantitative type,
the research emphasizes on the analysis of numerical data (numbers) are processed with
statistical methods, so as to obtain the significance of the relationship between variables.
Methods of data collection was done by a list of questions (quisioner), interviews,
observation, and documentation. The operational variables of this research is the discipline
of working hours, discipline dressed and behaved, disciplined task and cooperation with
other units, and disciplined about what not to do at work. The results of this research to the
discipline of working hours is good enough, while discipline well dressed and well behaved
the result is not good, disciplined task and cooperation with other units is good enough,
and discipline about what not to do when working the results is good enough. The
conclusion of the study showed that the implementation of employees work discipline in the
PT. Bangaumas Perkasa is good enough.


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