Vol. 1 No. 01 (2018): Journal of Diplomacy and international Studies

  1. Tight Competition of Local And Foreign Migration in Riau Island: Does Increase Population Inequality Level?
  2. Hedging Local Products : Optimizing The Processed Products of Sago Commodity to Become More Competitive Globally Study Case Riau Province
  3. Iran's Nuclear Program Discourse as Deterrence Effort against The United States of America
  4. Constructions of Norms and Values of ASEAN toward of Narcotics Smuggling in Southeast Asia
  5. The Development of Indonesian Defense Industry Post-Cold War Era
  6. The Impact of Green Peace Anti-Palm Oil Campaign towards Indonesian Palm Oil Export to Europe in 2008-2010
  7. Politics of Indonesia’s Soybean Policy Analysis on Roles and Interests Between Actors
Published: 2018-10-10