Iran's Nuclear Program Discourse as Deterrence Effort against The United States of America

  • Rio Sundari Universitas Islam Riau
Keywords: Nuclear, Iran, Deterrence, Unied Stated of America.


The purpose of thisresearch "Iran's Nuclear Program DiscourseAs Deterrence Efforts
Against The United States" is to explain the controversial discourse of Iran's nuclear
program which is still being a discourse in international security politics.U.S perception to
Iran is always negative, this is because the relations built by these countries always
experiencing obstacles. This articles use of qualitative methods with descriptive as a
technic of the research. As for the concept that the writer uses in the slice of this problem is
deterrence concept withRealist approach. For Realists view, convincing the safety of a state
in an anarchic international system is the most important factor above all else. Economic
sector and others can be protected if the country's security is guaranteed. Therefore, as the
rational actor, Iran see its nuclear programmore important as an effort to ensure the safety
from all potential external threats. As a rational actor, Iran considers its nuclear program
more important as an effort to ensure its security. This paper elaborates how Iran makes
choices in determining its policy between retaining its nuclear program or even halts its
nuclear program. This paper will present a graph of “Iran chooses strategy”, it will be
understood why Iran would prefer the policy to maintain its nuclear program.


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