About the Journal

International Journal of Scientific Research (IJSR) is a journal that publishes scientific articles in the English language based on scientific research activities. IJSR registered to the ISSN 1234-5678 (print) and 1234-567x (online), all articles throughout a double-blind review process before publishing. Publication twice a year which is in January and June every year under Universitas Islam Riau (UIR) publication house UIR Press. IJSR published the first edition in Volume 1 Number 1 in the month of January 2021 with reference to the quality of the article to be published. Research results and applications are compiled in a manuscript and then through the reviewer process by appointment of a reviewer to the related field with manuscript discipline and topic. Desk evaluation and plagiarism check are applied in IJSR before continuing to the next review process to make sure all manuscript submitted to IJSR is original and not duplication from others. References writing tools were also applied in this IJSR to make sure a correct citation index such as Mendeley. The article writing template is attached and can be downloaded on the IJSR website, manuscript submission can be done at any time with a focus on the field of scientific engineering and science as well as not closed to others disciplines such as social sciences.