About the Journal

Dinamika Pertanian is a scientific journal published by the Faculty of Agriculture Islam University of Riau Pekanbaru three times a year (April August and December).  Journal publishes new articles and original research on topics related to agriculture broadly. This journal accommodates articles about agro technology agribusiness and fisheries as well as other relevant topics.

This journal accommodate articles / scientific topics includes :

  1. Plant organic
  2. Hidroponic
  3. Aspect of crop
  4. Animal physiology
  5. Modelling of crop
  6. Animal systems
  7. The scientific underpinning of agronomy and husbandry
  8. Animal welfare and behaviour
  9. Soil science
  10. Plant and animal product quality
  11. Plant and animal nutrition
  12. Engineering solutions
  13. Decision support systems
  14. Land use
  15. Environmental impacts of agriculture and forestry
  16. Impacts of climate change
  17. Rural biodiversity
  18. Experimental design and statistical analysis

Paper will be accepted in Bahasa Indonesia  or English

Scripts are loaded can be a result of the research study / review of the literature the research brief (short communication) and important ideas in the field of agriculture.