An Analysis of Students’ Argumentative Essay Writing Skill of Third Semester of English Language Education-UIR


  • Dinda Ramadhani Universitas Islam Riau
  • Arimuliani Ahmad Universitas Islam Riau


Students’ Writing Skill, Argumentative Essay


Argumentative  Essay  refers  to  kinds  of  essay  writing  that  are organized around a clear thesis. The writing aims to argue the controversial topic or issue to persuade readers to accept or agree with the writer’s point of view. Therefore, the aimed of this study is to know the third semester students writing skill in writing argumentative essay. This research was conducted by using qualitative. The participants were the third semester sttudents of academic year 2020/2021. The total of the participants were 95 students. To minimize or to get the sample, the researcher used purposive sampling. B Class became the sample of this research. To obtain the data the researcher used written test. The result of this research showed that the third semester students skill in writing argumentative essay was good. It can be seen there were 58% students belong to good category, 22% students belong to excellent category and 11% students belong to average category and the last 9% students belong to poor category. Furthermore, it can be a consideration of deciding appropriate method and media to increase the quality of students’ writing.


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