Pengaruh Permainan Bola Kasti Terhadap Peningkatan Kemampuan Gerak Umum (General Motor Ability)

  • Pulung Riyanto Universitas Subang


The purpose of this research is to know how the game ball against the basic motion ability kasti general (General Motor Ability) elementary school students.This research uses experimental methods, conducted for 18 times.The methods used in this research is a method of experimentation. This research uses the subject classes five and six of the country's three primary school Tanjungmulya, village Panumbangan, district Panumbangan, Ciamis Regency,as many as 24 people. The ability of public basic motion is measured by using the test of General Motor Ability, level of validity and reliability of 0.87 0.93. Design research pre test and post test design. The population of the research was as many as 24 people. then the samples are determined as many as 24 people from the population, then the sipat research is the research population. The instruments used in this research is test (General Motor Ability). From data processing using statistical formulas, then retrieved the results of calculation of the figures t ¹-count amounted to 20.91 whereas t ¹-table at α= 0.95 1.71, so the hypothesis (Ho) was rejected, thus meaning the game ball kasti significantly influence on the increase of basic motion General (General Motor Ability) elementary school students. Ball game kasti bigger its influence on the physical components of the running speed, compared to physical components balance, agility, and coordination of eye and hand.

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