• Rogi Gusrizaldi
  • Eka Komalasari
Keywords: Sales


Sales is an absolute requirement continuity of a business, because it will get the sales profits. The higher
the sales, the profit didapatpun will be maximized. To achieve this goal it is very necessary efforts so that
consumers have the appeal and loyal nature of shopping in the business unit. A company will not develop
if unable to sell the products produced, instead, a company is able to exist in the competition. According
to Basu Swastha (2001:8) sales is the science and art of personal influence made by the seller to invite
other people to be willing to buy goods offered. The factors that affect penjulalan is the condition and
ability of sellers, market conditions, capital and organizational conditions of the company. This study
aims to determine the factors that influence the level of sales in Supermarkets Indrako Teluk Kuantan.
This type of research is the type of quantitative research, the research emphasizes on the analysis of
numerical data (numbers) are processed by the method statiska, so as to obtain an assessment of each
variable. Methods of data collection was done by a list of questions (questionnaire), interviews,
observation, documentation. And using a sampling technique that uses accidental sampling technique for
sampling in 40 consumers. The results of the four indicators are quite good. Suggestions writer is to
reorganize and improve again the factors that affect the level of sales by fixing four independent
variables are perceived masi less than the maximum.


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