• Rahyunir Rauf
Keywords: Management, Development, BUMDES, Village, Village Government


Various notions of the village has been widely presented by experts from various
disciplines, and each understanding about the village appeared to have their various
differences separate depending on what point of view or which approach is used by
experts in view, describe and judge about the village, such as in terms of sociology,
administration, politics, policy standpoint and in terms of economics. The Reforms in
Indonesia In 1998 has brought many changes in Indonesian villages, one with the
presence of village-owned enterprises (BUMDES) on Law Number 22 Year 1999 on
Regional Government. The village has a variety of potential that can be developed for
the welfare of the local villagers. Therefore, the village is also expressed as groups
organized nature that have objects of material and immaterial (geordnede groupen van  
eigen blijvend meth character bewind en eigen marericel vermogen). The village has
the potential and richness which is set in accordance with the institutional system
developed and maintained by the local villagers. So that a higher village relies on the
strength of the potential and the resources owned by the village itself through various
forms of participation of the village community itself, so without too attached and
dependent on help from the elements such as local government agencies or other parties
( companies) which have more give more assistance to the villagers themselves both
personally and institutionally from the village. In connection with the application of the
concept of autonomy of the village, it is necessary to strengthen efforts towards the
village administration. Therefore, the village-owned enterprises need to be managed
and developed properly by the village government, so BUMDES can be used as one of
the potential that can be used as an indicator of economic improvement of the
government and villagers.


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