• Evi Zubaidah
Keywords: Management, Planning, Organizing, Controlling


Usman Bin Affan orphanage is located at Gedog, Ngluwar, Magelang. Its presence is enough to provide
benefits to the surrounding community, especially for orphans who can not afford. Besides, the
orphanage Usman Bin Affan has had a good achievement that is the first winner in Magelang District
and Second Place in Central Java province. Foster children who live orphanage Usman Bin Affan quite a
lot of about 100 children who came from the island of Java and Sumatra. As orphanages that are well
known and have the advantage of another orphanage rightly learn how management implemented by the
orphanage, orphanage So Usman Bin Affan will be a reference to apply management in particular for the
management of the orphanage. Results of research on Management Orphanage Uthman Bin Affan in the
perspective of Henri Fayol are planning, Orphanage Uthman Bin Affan already using ways that modern
planning involving foster children, so its not just a top down but also bottom up. Organizing,
implementation organizing committee conducted an orphanage run well, which includes materials,
equipment, capital and personal. But there are aspects that are not organized that equipment, because the
board of the orphanage is still limited organize personalized according to the authority of the board
respectively. But it is still not visible effort organizing the equipment in detail. Command, leaders and
administrators Orphanage Uthman Bin Affan always give orders in accordance with what has been
established so always make every effort to optimize the work of its units. Coordination, Orphanage
Usman Bin Affan can be run in coordination with other parties. But coordination in the institution has not
been established as well as the practice is still running kulturan kooordinasi and informal. Controlling,
leaders and administrators Orphanage Uthman Bin Affan basically have to supervise properly.
Everything is always summarized in a written report submitted to the leadership to the next and are
reported every year, usually three months after closing the year.


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