• Monalisa MBA
Keywords: Promotion, Marketing, Advertising, Loyalty


ales promotion has a purpose, namely to make the sale quickly and enable customers to buy back
(repurchase) and repeat purchases (repeat purchase), in which repurchase and repeat purchase is an
important indicator in the theory of loyalty. Marketing should be designed with the serious in order to
increase sales volume. The marketing activities should be able to attract potential customers to make a
purchase to the maximum and thus profits to be achieved can be up anyway. Marketing activities through
a company's advertising is an attempt to communicate with the public, which in turn can attract potential
buyers to purchase the products offered. Promotional activity is one of the company's marketing strategy
to get closer to consumers, including advertising, sales promotion, personal selling and publicity. In this
activity, the company faced with the problem of selection of alternative media are used. So the media will
be used need to be measured its effectiveness, by comparing the benefits gained by spending on such
promotional activities. A campaign strategy should be adapted to the condition of the company such as
the number of funds available to implement such a strategy, the type of product produced and the nature
of the target market faced by the company so that the company can determine the type most suitable
promotional activities to market the product. The media type promotion regarded by the management
company may not necessarily be effective if it turns out the media campaign did not support an increase
in sales volumes as the company expected. This is indicated by the absence of a reciprocal increase in the
expenditure that has been done by increasing the volume of sales that occurred. For that whether the
implementation of promotional activities have been the right strategy to make the resulting product can
still be accepted or sold in the market so that the company's main goal is to profit by increasing sales
volume can be achieved.


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