• Rini Elawani
  • Numan M.Si
Keywords: Brand Image, Speedy Telkom


The rapid development period followed by increased globalization in the field of
information technology, whe information can be identified quickly, so those who want to
evolve constantly follow the development of these technologies because oftheir
knowledge and use of technology is a demand of the times.One of the technologies of
information is the Internet. Therefore, to satisfy customers PT. Telkom Riau Pekanbaru
issued aproduct named Speedy. The purpose of this study is to know and explain about
the factor which influence the brand image speedy. The population in this study is the
customer that use the speedy product from PT. Telkom Riau Daratan Pekanbaru. The
sample of this study are 50 costumers of speedy’s product taken by using insidental
sampling that determination techniques sample based on the coincidence. The author
gives a questionnaire to customers who happen to pay a speedy betwen 1 to 15 during
hours working. The data collection is done by using quistionaire and interview. Data
processed using quantitative methods. The results of data processing show that of the
three factors studied was a faktor excellence become the dominant brand association
determine the use speedy. Because there are two factors that are not yet using speedy
that determining the strength of brand association and uniqueness of brand association,
thus the authors suggest that PT. Telkom Riau Daratan Pekanbaru further enhance the
strength and uniqueness of brand association speedy such as promotion is further
enchanced, made attractive brand design and brand colors brightened too make it look
more clerly.


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