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If an error is discovered after publication, it will be corrected by an erratum, retraction or in-line (dated) correction. Authors and readers are encouraged to inform the publisher and Editor-in-Chief if they notice anything that should be corrected. Reported errors will be investigated by the publisher and Editor-in-Chief, and discussed with the authors. The appropriate correction will be made after this consultation. Articles will be retracted if there is evidence of unethical research, unreliable data, misconduct or plagiarism, or if there are sufficient mistakes to invalidate the article.

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For preventing plagiarism, Jurnal Saintis is using Turnitin as similarity checker tool. Maximum similarity index that will be allowed by Jurnal Saintis is 30%. If the article shows similarity index more than 30%, then the article will be returned to the author for revision. Jurnal saintis gives the author about 15 days to do the article revision. If the author does not revise the article by the given time, then the article would not be processed by Jurnal Saintis.