Focus And Scope

Lex Alumni (Lex) is the published law journal in  Indonesia. Published since 2019, Lex on various subdiscipline of the legal science, among others:

  • basic principle of jurisprudence
  • private law
  • criminal law
  • procedural law
  • economic and business law
  • constiutional law
  • administrative law
  • international law
  • law and society

Other than forementioned field, Lex also accepts articles which cover the topic on the cross section between law and other scientific field, such as sociology of law, legal anthropology, law and economics, and others.

Published 6 (six) times annually, on January, March, Mei, July, September, November. Each of the issue has 5 research article. Lex published in Bahasa Indonesia, but articles written in English are also welcomed.