• Agung Satrio Waryan Universitas Islam Riau
  • Indra Safri Universitas Islam Riau
Keywords: Services, Licensing, Advertising


This study aims to determine the analysis of Licensing Services Installation of Billboards in Pekanbaru City Regional Revenue Office. Service assessment indicators used include the transparency of services, accountability of service, conditional service, participatory services, services of equal rights, the balance of rights and obligations of service. This type of research that is located in the Regional Revenue Office Pekanbaru is surfey descriptive, ie prioritize dftar questionnaire as a means of data collection and data collected by the tool is then used as the main raw material for analyzing the empirical condition of obyektivitis presence at the location of meticulous research purposes. Tedapat two groups of the population and the sample in this study is the head of licensing billboards , numbered 1 and communities or entrepreneurs who manage licensing installation of billboards, infinite in number. Community or employers in this case are those who are taking care of licensing installation of billboards, the amount of the second sample set of this population group is 1 and 75 people. Two sampling techniques used in determining the individual sample is the population census techniques for employees and teknil purposive sampling for population groups or businesses. Types and data collection techniques used consist of, primary data was collected using a questionnaire and interview techniques as well as a list of secondary data were collected using observation. While data analysis technique used is by using the tools frequency table. Based on this analysis technique researchers assess and conclude that the analysis of Licensing Services Installation of Billboards in Pekanbaru City Department of Revenue is in the interval pretty good assessment. Recommendations to be considered, especially with regard to making the service mechanism is still unclear, and further improve the facilities and operational procedures satandar clearer so that people or businesses who take care of permits installation of billboards is not confused and ease of doing business.


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