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Vol 2 No 3 (2017): JGEET

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  1. Impact of Sulphur Content on Coal Quality at Delta Plain Depositional Environment: Case study in Geramat District, Lahat Regency, South Sumatra
  2. Geochemical Characteristics of Metamorphic Rock-Hosted Gold Deposit At Onzon-Kanbani Area, Central MyanmarCharacterization of Coal Quality Based On Ash Content From M2
  3. Coal-Seam Group, Muara Enim Formation, South Sumatra Basin The Coherency and Correlation between
  4. Sea Surface Temperature and Wind Velocity in Malacca Strait: Cross Wavelet Transform and Wavelet Coherency Application
  5. The Metamorphic Rocks-Hosted Gold Mineralization At Rumbia Mountains Prospect Area In The Southeastern Arm of Sulawesi Island, Indonesia
  6. Mataloko Geothermal Power Plant Development Strategy in order to Maintain The Sustainability of Supply and Demand Electric Energy in Kupang, East Nusa enggara (A System Dynamics Framework)

Review Article

        7. Seabed Detection Using Application Of Image Side Scan Sonar Instrument (Acoustic Signal)


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Published: 2017-09-01

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